Mullet Eggs Whole 70/110g

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Ovarian sack of salted, dried mullet


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Mullet Eggs Whole is a product rich in proteins and Omega 3, obtained from the eggs of mullet or mullet. Mullet Eggs Whole has an amber color, has a strong taste that reminds the sea. The mullet eggs is extracted whole, then salted with Sardinian sea salt and then dried, once dry it is placed under vacuum where freshness and uniqueness is guaranteed

Pairings: it is a product with an unmistakable and unique taste, just two tips: do not grate it, but cut it into thin slices and season with just oil, it will be a perfect appetizer or as a condiment of spaghetti, the classic recipe garlic oil and chili more adding slices of bottarga

Ingredients: mullet egg (mugil cephalus), sea salt

Weight: 70/110 g

Residual life: 12 months 


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