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Tin of Bluefin Tuna 330g

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The Tin of Bluefin Tuna is a product of the highest quality. Tuna fillets are canned by hand and have a unique consistency as well as an extraordinary flavor


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The Bluefin Tuna (or Bluefin Tuna) is the most valuable variety because of the quality of its meat. The Bluefin Tuna spends most of its life in the Atlantic Ocean and then migrates in the pack to the Mediterranean where it reproduces. This migration called "tuna forward" is crucial for the quality of the red tuna meat because during this journey the tuna feeds making its meat fatter and tastier. The Bluefin tuna fishery therefore focuses around the spring period to intercept the tuna of entry to the grearer commercial value of their meat 

The Tin of Bluefin Tuna in olive oil is a perfect second course to be tasted even in purity or in accompaniment to salad.

Ingredients: tuna (thunnus thynnus), olive oil, salt

Weight: 330 g

Residual life: 24 months 


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