The history of the La Bottarga di Tonno Group is the story of a life project, of a man born and raised in a context where the processing of tuna and is derivatives was handed down over the years from generation to generation.

The Bottarga of Tonno Group is born from the intuiton, passion and work of Paolo Gennusa, who after countless work experiences in the production and processing of fish products symbol of Sicilian gastronomy.

Paolo founded the company around a group of workers whit whom he had gained experience and knowledge acquired over years of work. A crew that in 2008 followed its commander on the quest of a principle: elevate the artisan technique to an industrial process without, however, bending to business logics far from culture and tradition.

Today the Tuna Bottarga production makes the company an excellence on the world scene. All the products with the brand Mare Puro are handcrafter following the ancient techniques of local craftsmen.



Fishing and tuna consumption  are rooted in the  history of the Mediterranean Basin.

The first records date back to the late Neolithic period (3500 BC) and relate to graffiti in the Grotta del Genovese on the island of Levanzo (Trapani).

A tradition, which over the years has been handed down until materialize with Arabic domination in Sicily. Especially in Trapani after the fall of the Roman Empire (476 AD), the Arabs give to the TONNARA a particular fishing structure.

The tradition has been handed down thanks to the work and the passion of the "tonnaroti", local workers, who work in fishing and tuna processing in Trapani.

Their techniques and their working processes have today made most of the tuna products, including the tuna bottarga, excellences in the word.