Tuna Yellowfin 1700g

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They are produced with tuna from Sicily. Tuna Fillets are a delicious part, they are excellent consumed in purity or in sauces of the italian tradition 


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Tuna Fillets are produced with the noblest parts of tuna. It is produced in oil with tuna coming from the Mediterranean Sea, the tuna are fished, cut and washed by hand.Once the tuna is cooked in water to maintain the real nutrional and taste properties, it is cut into glass jars and filled with olive oil

Excellent to taste as an appetizer, in mixed salads or pasta salads, or as a rich and tasty second course

Ingredients: tuna fillets (thunnus albacares), olive oil, sea salt

Weight: 1700 g

Residual life: 36 months 


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