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Swordfish Steak 100/1000g

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Obtained from the processing of the noblest part of the fish: the fillet


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Delicate smoking, thnaks to the drying in cells with controlled humidity and temperature, to the salting done manually and to the smoking in wood. The vacuum cut guarantees practicality and high yield thanks to the excellent sealing of the cut that allows evem very thin slices. The slices are first salted, using only dry sea salt and low percentage, then dried and smoked with the essence of fine woods. The slice is compact and of an intense pink color.

In the mouth it is sweet, with a slight smoky aroma and a good humidity that makes it soft. 

Try it with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, accompanied by grapefruit segments. It can also be served in cubes, in a warm potato salad with tomatoes, olives and some capers.

Ingredients: swordfish (xiphias gladus), salt and natural smoke

Weight: 100/1000 g

Residual life: 40 days


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