Tuna Bresaola 100/1000g

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Dried tuna in sea salt


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The Tuna Bresaola is an incredible product with an intense flavor and a very particular consistency. It can be considered as the tuna ham. It saves by seasoning the Sicilian red tuna meat,derived from 4 powerful muscles that branch around the spine that blocked by the navel and reach the tail. These meats are salted and seasoned in special rooms for 12 months to get this fantastic product

The taste and the scent are intense and typical; excellent as an appetizer with the addition of a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil or as a complete dish with a side dish of cooked vegetables and steamed or grilled

Ingredients: tuna fillet (thunnus albacares), sea salt 

Weight: 100/1000 g

Residual life: 12 months 


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