Lattume of Tuna 100/200g

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Tuna larder dried sea salt


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The Lattume of Tuna is the seminal fluid found in the lower abdomen of male tuna that is used to fertilize eggs laid by females. The seasoned salted Lattume is prepared with a typical Sicilian fish product that is commonly used in local cuisine. Typical of Sicily, in particular the areas of Trapani, Palermo and Syracuse, it is the male equivalent of bottarga, generally of tuna. The difference lies both in taste and in color, flesh pink in the lactume and orange in the bottarga. It is a very delicious food and high gastronomy and can be used for pasta, salads or fried food. In the Trapani kitchen it isi also used in rooms 

Ingredients: lattume of tuna (thunnus thynnus), sea salt

Weight: 100/200 g

Residual life: 24 months


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