Salted Tuna 100/150g

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Tuna with sea salt 


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The Salted Tuna is a product obtained from fresh local salted tuna and put in large "tinozze" for seasoning. Subsequently, in the second phase, after aging, it is taken out, cut into pieces or filleted and sold in a jar, in oil with chilli, otherwise only with brine, or in a vacuum bag.

You can use it as an appetizer, cut into small cubes, (you can desalate it previously in running water being too strong salt), seasoned with olive oil, red pepper and good fresh sweet onion, and maybe combined with a salad of tomatoes and cucumbers that dampens the salty.

Ingredients: tuna fillet (thunnus albacares), sea salt

Weight: 100/150 g

Residual life: 24 months


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